Elena Violinist Identity.

Elena is a well known entertainer based in Wellington New Zealand. Elena approached me to revitalise her identity and build a new website for her.  

Elena is the meeting of two worlds. On the one hand she is a classically trained violinist who plays in symphony orchestras and string quartets. On the other she is a proud Maori Performer leading kapa haka (traditional dance) groups and singing traditional waiata (songs). 

It is fair to say then, that Elena is like no other. 

She has always played on this juxstaposition to tremendous effect but the time had come for a change. Elena is much more relaxed these days. The consumate professional at ease in everything she does. This was the start point for the brand. 

A photoshoot in the tropical paradise of Palm Cove, Australia formed the back-drop for this new identity. Elena has a lightness and a playfulness about her and people are drawn to her energy.  

We tried to capture this energy here. 

  • Brand Refesh.
  • Art Direction
  • Print Management
  • Website Design


Custom Logotype

Custom Logotype

The Brand mark is custom and the font used is the Nilland Family