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Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand is New Zealand's national museum located in Wellington the nation's capital. The facility is a major tourist destination attracting over 1.3 million visitors annually.  


Te Papa, responding to an increasing demand for internet access for visitors, undertook a tender process. Interested companies were asked to present preliminary designs for a pair of coin-operated internet access kiosks.


The successful design would incorporate off-the-shelf computer technology, a coin operation unit, sponsor logo display areas, task surface and seating.

The idea of ‘a pairing of shapes’ or repetition became the underlying visual driver for the project.


We were chosen as the team to bring this project to life. We were able to provide the design solution, manage the manufacturing process and install the finished product.

Our design solution was to create a pair of consoles that sit at angles to each other providing privacy from other users and bench seating for two as visitors most often travelled in pairs.


The idea of a pairing of shapes, or repetition became the underlying visual driver for the project. The angled shape of the console is repeated in the bench seat and repeated again in the second console. The perforations in the acrylic, which provide sound and air flow through the units, are set in a pattern of repeated circles, which in turn repeat as they expand. The same pattern then repeats at various locations on the console. 


The housing was constructed using a steel sub-frame and a back-painted, scratch-resistant acrylic shell. The kiosks were mounted on a raised rubber-tile surface that had cable channels cast into them to plum in power and data conduit.


  • Concept Design
  • Developed Design
  • Production Management
  • Installation